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Abrasive Grains

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Anupam Abrasive is one of the distinguished Abrasive Grains manufacturer and supplier based in India. We proffer different types of abrasive grains at the most reasonable price in the market, which are as under :

Silicon Carbide
SiC-B / SiC-G : Black and green silicon carbide of micro grit sizes (#240 to #1500) used for manufacture of super finishing stones and polishing of granite, marble, lenses and other general purpose applications as per FIPA standards.

Other Grinding media are

  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Aluminium Oxide (white)
  • Aluminium Oxide: (brown)
  • Brown fused Aluminium Oxide
  • Synthetic Emery
  • Emery Grains
  • Garnet
  • Quartz

These are generally used in various applications as

  • Glass Grinding
  • Metal Lapping
  • Minerals and Crystal Lapping
  • Ophthalmic lens finishing
  • Precision Optics Lapping
  • Pressure Blasting
  • Quartz Crystal Lapping
  • Semi Conductors Lapping
  • Tumbling


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